Arrest made after Camdenton trucker beaten in Idaho in September

Stormy Adakai of Fort Hall, Idaho, was arrested for his alleged role in beating Amos Phillips, a truck driver from Camdenton on Labor Day weekend.

FORT HALL, Idaho. -- A man has been arrested in connection to a brutal attack on a Camdenton man on Labor Day weekend at the T.P. Truck Stop in Fort Hall, Idaho.

According to NBC affiliate KPVI, Fort Hall police arrested 23-year-old Stormy Adakai after confessing to assaulting truck driver Amos Phillips on September 3, 2018.

“Through our investigation work, we discovered that Stormy Adakai was identified, the same night of the assault, to have been at a residence with blood on his face and clothes and told a witness that he assaulted a truck driver with a rock," Chief of Police Pat Teton told KPVI.

The case will be forwarded to the Tribal Prosecutor’s Office for charges in Tribal Court and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for federal charges.