Ask Ashley: How do you dodge scam calls?

It's the number one phone scam we are hearing about these days.
If you fall for it, you won't just lose your money, you'll be a victim of ID theft.

Last year alone, swindlers stole more than ten million dollars from people on this one scam. Crooks call and say they're with the Social Security Administration. They have a warrant for your arrest.

Crooks might text you too. Some scam messages read your social security number is suspended. Scammers are trying to get your social security number. With that, they can attempt to open credit cards and get your tax refund.

Don't call that number back. Social Security will not call you and demand money or threaten arrest.

There are three ways to dodge these calls.

1. Do not answer unknown numbers. When you do, crooks know you have a working number and they'll just keep calling.

2. Join both No Call Lists. There two, federal and state.

National Do Not Call 888-382-1222
Missouri Do Not Call 866-662-2551

3. Consider a scam blocker app. Check reviews. Or buy a robo blocker for your landline.