Ask Ashley: How do you stop scam calls?

There are three common scam calls making the rounds in the Ozarks. Contact KY3 On Your Side has warned you about these for years.
It's time to Ask Ashley on how to dodge those annoying crooks.

We get hundreds of tips each week. Here are the top three.

Number One: Bogus IRS calls. This scam call is now a decade old.
Cons say you goofed on your taxes. You need to pay up or go to jail.
Remember, the IRS doesn't make cold calls.

Number Two: The grant scam. Swindlers want you to pay a processing fee before they send you nine thousand dollars. Remember, you don't win grants. You qualify for grants.

Finally, The Publishers Clearing House scam. Again, another processing fee. Remember, you shouldn't have to pay to win. Plus, the real PCH will surprise you, just like you see on TV.

Michael Moore asked ... "I have put my name on their do not call list at least five times, but they keep on calling. How do I get them to quit calling for good?"

Michael, there's no way to block all these calls, but there are three things you can do dodge most of them.

Do not call back or answer unknown numbers. If you do, then they know you have a working number and they'll continue to call.

Join both No Call lists. There are two. There's state and federal.

There's an app for that. There are hundreds of RoboBlockers out there with mixed reviews. It might be worth your sanity to try a few.