Assemblies of God hard hit with coronavirus cases, employees improving

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 5:35 PM CDT
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One of the organizations hit hardest by the Coronavirus locally is the Assemblies of God World Headquarters in Springfield.

Not only are they dealing with three local employees who have the Coronavirus, but the Assemblies operates in some 100 countries all around the world, so they are also dealing with some of their international missionaries who have it. They say it has been a season of prayer and renewed hope.

They have been hard hit from every direction, but leaders say they are confident in a much bigger plan.

"I don't know where my theology is on the End Times and this, but that Scripture that says this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached and then the end will come... meaning the catching away of his Church, we certainly saw the last two Sundays the possibility of everyone being able to hear the Gospel message," explained Assemblies of God leader Doug Clay.

Churches across the globe streamed services online the last two Sundays, to all nations.

Clay never dreamed of so many people close to him would face something like this. Three of his employees are suffering from the virus, and four locally based missionaries, or their spouses, are afflicted.

"Greg Mundis is still in intensive care. Good news this morning is that his kidneys are waking up and responding well. It is still laborious with his breathing so a ventilator is helping with his respiration. Our number one prayer for Greg is strength in his lungs and that he'd be able to breathe without support," Clay said. "Our other missionary friend Ron Maddux, I received a text from him this morning. He is in good spirits, he is still physically weak. His oxygen levels are weak. He is not on any kind of ventilator but oxygen support. Another individual who is in the hospital is Thomas Carpenter. We are continuing to pray for him as he is on ventilator. We are not out of the woods, but all three have a lot of people who are praying for them and believing for their full recovery."

Mundis made national news last week after showing improvement with a drug used mainly for malaria. His son, who is a doctor, is still hopeful for a recovery.

"Twenty-four hours after he was on it, he really turned the corner."

"We are praying for a pandemic of hope to go viral as we call out to God for blessing and a canopy of healing to blanket our country," Clay said. "Instead of attributing this as some attack of the enemy, I see this as a continuation of the fulfillment of God's plan of catching away his Church. This last week I thought about how large and how broad and how wide the Gospel message got preached online everywhere, in addition to the birth pains that the Bible talks about-- we will see an increasing measure before the coming of the Lord. I was also reminded that this Gospel was literally able to be transmitted to the ends of the earth and it all points to a loving God who plans to come and receive his Church from this earth."

The last time the Assemblies of God was closed, along with all other churches in Springfield was back in 1918 for the Spanish Influenza.