Astronaut administers oath of enlistment to future Fort Leonard Wood soldiers

WAYNESVILLE, Mo. ​It's been a while since Command Sergeant Major James Breckinridge took his oath of enlistment.

"Obviously, my oath of enlistment was not this huge and I still remember it to this day," said Breckinridge.

His oath wasn't administered from outer space.

NAT: "Station, this is Houston, are you ready for the event?"

U.S. Army Colonel and NASA Astronaut Andrew Morgan administered the oath of enlistment live from the International Space Station to more than 850 future soldiers across the nation.

"It's never been done before, so to be part of something new, I was very honored," said Arthur Perry-Hardy, one of the six Waynesville seniors who took the oath Wednesday.

There was a ceremony at the Space Center in Houston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, but the oath was live streamed to 130 different locations.

The six future soldiers sworn in at Waynesville High School are all headed to the U.S. Army.

Some will be specializing in different fields.

"The field that I'm actually chasing after right now is aviation due to the civilian world commercial airliners, flying them in the future," said John Cotto.

While other's want to be on the front lines.

"Just really the thought of it, I'm just really excited to go overseas and fight for my country," said Gavin James.

Despite those differences, they will all have this enlistment ceremony as a common bond.

"I don't know how they're going to top it next year," said Cameron Scott. "I just thought it was one of the coolest things that could have happened."

Now that they've been given the Oath of Enlistment, the next step for these future soldiers is basic training.