Attacking anxiety before kids head to college

Springfield, Mo The Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors reports that anxiety is the top problem on the college campus.

In Today's Live, Life, Well, we're looking at ways you can help your teen before they go off to college.

Doctor Jennifer Baker says parents need to keep restrictions on tech time even for juniors and seniors in high school. She says too many kids are spending too much time on social media. So., they're losing the ability to pick up on face-to-face social cues.

Dr. Baker says, "they spend very little time with eye contact, listening to voice inflection and listening to that kind of communication. Then, in fact, they feel anxious in situations where they had to do that."

One of Doctor Baker's first suggestions; no cell phones at the dinner table. She also suggests taking away the phones from your teens by 9 P-M each night.

She also recommends a book called, 'Reclaiming Conversation-- The Power of Talk in a Digital Age' by author Sherry Turkle.