Lawyer for MSU QB Ruddick calls for end to death threats, 'lynch mob mentality'

Published: Sep. 26, 2016 at 11:58 AM CDT
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The attorney for Missouri State University quarterback Breck Ruddick responded on Monday to allegations that his client abused a dog.

The university suspended Ruddick on Friday afternoon after the allegations surfaced on social media. An online petition at alleges Breck Ruddick abused a dog. The petition calls for the university to permanently remove Ruddick from the team.

Ruddick missed Saturday's game against Kansas State, which ended at halftime because of severe weather with KSU leading MSU 35 - 0.

Statement from Ruddick's attorney, Adam Woody:

Breck Ruddick, a student-athlete at Missouri State University, is and has always been a young man of the highest character, integrity and kindness. He comes from a small town, the product of a great, animal-loving family. He grew up volunteering for his local humane society and has always been surrounded by pets.

It is nothing short of shameful to see the public react to him so viciously based in large part on a Facebook post by a young woman, which contained numerous inaccuracies and untruths. It is very disappointing to see so many civilized members of our community forget the most basic principle of our criminal justice system, "innocent until proven guilty". Let us not forget that doctrine as we go through this process, and let's end the lynch mob mentality that has cost so many young people their education, careers, and even lives.

As a result of the careless post, Breck has received frequent death threats over a variety of mediums, and thousands of people are calling for him to be expelled from college. Again, the facts have not been made available to these people threatening him or demanding such action.

Breck is anxious to cooperate thoroughly with authorities, both with law enforcement and Missouri State University, as we look forward to the true facts coming to light. We hope the truth garners as much attention as a Facebook post, and we trust that his reputation for integrity will be restored.

End of statement from Breck's attorney