Aunt says 10-year-old Pierce City girl's death could have been prevented

Published: Nov. 19, 2017 at 10:24 PM CST
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A heartbroken aunt speaks out after her 10 year old niece was killed by the girl's mother earlier this month.

"Unfortunately Sara would not allow any contact between my brother and Kaydee or even us in general," said Diane Killion, Kaydee's aunt. She added, "So it was very hard to find out the little girl so much that we wanted to have a life with was no longer here."

Killion and her family are now trying to cope with the death of 10 year old Kaydee Moerer after she and her mother, Sara Spears, were both found dead in a home north east of Pierce City. Kaydee's aunt says her niece was not safe and there is documentation to prove Sara was reported to local Department of Family Services.

"Multiple times the school, us, her own daughter had turned [Sara] into the DFS program and those were always dismissed and once the children were removed from the home but they were sent right back. We also know that multiple times when my brother tried to make contact to see Kaydee, she would run and get restraining orders against him that had false information," said Killion.

Kaydee's aunt believes Kaydee could have been saved if proper actions had been taken.

"It was just disheartening because we feel like Kaydee was a victim of the system, the system that is suppose to be in place to protect children and its not protecting the children because if it was, Kaydee and her siblings would have been removed years ago," said Killion.

Authorities have ruled the two deaths as a murder-suicide.