Ava (Mo.) High School alumni attempt to set Guinness World Record

Published: Jul. 27, 2019 at 7:53 PM CDT
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Hundreds of alumni of Ava High School came together Saturday in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record. As it turns out, they might have set a record that will be very hard to break.

The current Guinness World Record for the Most Consecutive Graduation Years represented at a Reunion belongs to Independence High School in San Jose, California.

Last year that school gathered 41 consecutive graduating classes.

Saturday, Ava looked to obliterate that record with it's class reunion.

Alumni from the Class of 1944 all the way to 2019 were represented.

"We had 60 consecutive classes today that were aligned here, as well as others, but 60 consecutive, which was more than enough to break the existing record," Co-organizer Chad Williams told KY3.

All the classes had to be together for at least five minutes for the record to meet Guinness' guidelines.

"It's gonna be kind of neat to put Ava on the map and see it in the Guinness Book of World Records," Stacy DeVries from the class of 1995 said.

"I'm thankful to see our teachers and some of the young people out here too, that are kids of our people we graduated with," Deanna Halbert of the class of 1989 explained.

"We get really excited about our sports, really excited about our school, so I had no doubts that we would blow this thing out of the water," Vanessa Loftis of the class of 2003 added.

While some classes remembered those who couldn't make it, others caught up with classmates they hadn't seen in years.

"I saw some awhile ago, I said, who are you? Then they told me and I remembered them then. I wish more of them had name tags on them," Eddie Ridenour and Wayne Degase of the class of 1969 exclaimed.

Everywhere you looked, classmates were reminiscing on old times.

"One of our senior pranks was we went around and gathered up all of the for sale signs and put them in his front yard. He was our principal at the time, so that was kind of classic," said a member of the class of 1972.

"The class of 1963 was the last one to graduate from the old high school before the new building was built," Dave Jenkins stated.

Now, organizers will take all the documentation, including the registrations, and video and submit it to Guinness for it's committee to review.

It will likely take 6 weeks before the record is official.