Moderate fire risk poses threat for outdoor burning

Now that fall is in full swing you might be clearing your yard from leaves and debris. Local fire departments are asking you to be careful if you plan on doing any burning.

This week has been extremely windy and dry, perfect conditions to allow a fire to get out of control. Something the Logan Rogersville Fire Protection District dealt with earlier this week.

"I believe the property owner disposed of some fireplace ashes and then with our wind and out drier conditions the wind picked up and was able to ignite some leaves and other debris on the ground and it was able to spread from there," said Tim Clarkson, Assistant Fire Chief.

Winds peaked at 53 mph this week as front moved in bringing drier cooler air. Not only did the leaves come down, but it also helped dry out vegetation. Currently, the Ozarks is under a moderate fire risk.

"As the wind continues to blow, temperatures start to drop the air gets drier that in turn will dry out the fuels which will create a tender box," Clarkson said. "So when something does get started it makes it harder and harder to contain."

If you plan to do some outdoor burning check the weather. You don't want it to be too windy or dry outside. It's best to burn with wind speeds no greater than 5 mph. Also, make sure the humidity is at least at 40%.

"Ultimately you'd want 6 to 8 feet around, outside that barrel. Whether it be bare dirt or gravel or something that's none combustible" said Clarkson.

If you're going to burn your yard debris make sure to not leave it unattended. It's also best if you have a water near by in case it gets out of control.

The Logan Rogersville Fire Protection District offers a free wildfire inspection of your property. You can contact them during the week to schedule an appointment.