BBB alerts community to local 3D printing company with many complaints

Published: Jan. 25, 2019 at 9:53 PM CST
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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a consumer alert about Maker Geeks, a local 3D printing product company.

Val Glessner spends hours creating 3D printed objects for his grandchildren. He has ordered many times from Maker Geeks. In Sept. he placed an order around $150 but it was never delivered.

"I sent them numerous emails trying to find out what the situation was and one of the situations they said they had was a supplier issue," Glessner said.

Glessner contacted the BBB. Then he reached out to the Attorney General's Office.

"It was a little bit frustrating you know," Glessner said. "You would think that a company, even a start-up company is going to do the best they can and provide the product in a timely manner."

Andrew Runyan, from Michigan, also had the same problem. He purchased around $200 in products in October.

"They just told me (through emails) it would be seven to 14 days," Runyan said. "I contacted them another week later and 14 days after that and they said the same exact thing."

Runyan also complained to the BBB and Attorney General's Office. Both Glessner and Runyan received a refund after filing the complaints.

"I'm just done, I'm never buying from them again," Runyan said.

We reached out to Maker Geeks, they emailed us back saying --

"We are taking this very seriously and have been working hard to respond to any complaints that the BBB and our clients have. We had our biggest Black Friday/ Holiday season yet and that coupled with some equipment issues led to us falling behind and not getting our orders shipped out on time."

Founder of Maker Geeks, Joshua Smith, says they are working with a professional customer service agency. They are also offering refunds and sending out missing product.