Greene County deputies arrest double-homicide suspect at a home outside Springfield

Published: Apr. 5, 2018 at 9:02 AM CDT
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Greene County deputies arrested a man Friday morning wanted in two deadly shootings in Springfield.

Deputies found Willie Haughton, 24, inside a home in the 3300 block of West Farm Road 148. That is just west of Moore Road and south of Bennett Street. Deputies arrested him shortly before 2 a.m. without incident. Police Chief Paul Williams says the house was one of many officers had been watching where they believed Haughton may have been.

"The suspect wasn't really tied to one location. We had a list of about ten locations where he might be at, so we'd been monitoring and watching and surveilling and interviewing various folks to try and figure out where he might be. So while that was going on yesterday, we were still watching some of those other addresses, and one of those was the address where he was eventually arrested," says Williams.

An anonymous tip at about 11:30PM led them to the house on West Farm Road 148. Police detained and questioned two of Haughton's associates during a traffic stop nearby.

Haughton is accused of killing two men in five days on the north side of town. Investigators say both Lance Loveland and Robert Hewitt died of gunshot wounds while inside their own cars. Police say Haughton had recently met the victims prior to their deaths.

"These were targeted attacks for a specific reason, as I think you'll see when the PC statements come out, but regardless, I am absolutely thrilled that he is behind bars and I don't think will ever be out on the streets doing anything to anybody ever again. It's a good feeling," says Williams.

Haughton himself had just gotten out of jail on bond a few days before the death of Loveless. We have learned his GPS tracking device died.

Police say a tip led them to Haughton after a long standoff on Thursday. The standoff on Bolivar Road in Springfield ended after 11 p.m. Police questioned three inside the home during the standoff. Police briefly detained the three.

Thursday's standoff on North Bolivar Road lasted at least 16 hours and drew a crowd of spectators who wanted to see Haugton caught. "I came out here because I seen all the cops parked on the side of the road at Brown Derby, and I was wondering what in the heck was going on. Kind of concerning to know if another murder was going on or what. So I seen all these people standing here on the side of the road, so I was like, okay, I'm going to go join and see what's going on," Cynthia Troxel says.

Prosecutors have yet to file charges against Haughton. He remains in the Greene County Jail.