Baby tiger retires in the Ozarks

Published: Oct. 16, 2017 at 7:21 PM CDT
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Snacks, sunshine, and a long nap are part of a happy retirement. And that's exactly what you'll find for the cats at the National Tiger Sanctuary in Saddlebrooke.

Shelby Scott is the co-manager and head of operations at the sanctuary. She said, "We're like a retirement home for big cats here. We just recently had a tour with a few senior groups and they said, 'This sounds great! Were do I sign up?'"

One of many retired show cats retiring at the National Tiger Sanctuary is Farah. After many years traveling in shows, she now gets all the down time she wants. One thing that the sanctuary didn't realize when she took residence was that she wasn't traveling alone. Shelby told us, "A couple months after they were here, Farah ended up having two of her cubs."

Sadly, one of the cubs did now live long. However her son, McKade, is thriving and gets to enter an early "retirement" at the sanctuary.

But, not all the residents were so fortunate. Shelby told us, "Unfortunately a very high majority have come from neglectful situations or bad situations. This is a beautiful, 500-pound, very respectable, majestic animal and, if they're doing what a puny human is telling them to do, because they're pointing a stick at them, you have to know that that human has to have some harsh intimidation over that animal."

While sanctuaries like this one are not used for breeding, this is just one example of how they do occasionally welcome in a new cub with open arms.

"If accidents or these litters are still going to be born anyway, it might as well happen in good hands and have a forever home."

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