Bass Pro, police preparing for secure Sunday marathon

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The Springfield Office of Emergency Management says they have contingency plans in place to keep this weekend’s Bass Pro Marathon safe after this week’s attack in New York.

Organizers say that they’ve planned for the worst in this race since the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

“We coordinate and work with a lot of first responders, we have a lot of volunteers that we work with, and people that are going to be in different spots when the marathon is going on,” OEM deputy director Samantha Foster said. “We have cyclists out there, and we also have volunteers so that there's eyes on all of the route at some point.”

It’s a challenging event to plan for, since the course snakes around several areas of town while covering more than 26 miles.

“You have to look differently at each intersection,” Bass Pro community director Melissa Bondy says. “You have to look differently at each section of town. You have to understand the locations you're working overall, and how your emergency services will be able to respond, and how the roads are blocked.”

Foster says that the organizers met Wednesday morning to discuss some final details, and felt comfortable with their plan in the wake of Tuesday’s attack in Manhattan.

“We do plan for all hazards,” Foster said. “What that means is we work with our partnering agencies in coordination and communication to really plan for the worst and what could happen, so that way we're prepared.”