Fit Life: Be in the know on latest drink trend

Published: Jul. 7, 2017 at 9:07 AM CDT
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One of the hottest new drink trends involves the finely ground green tea powder known as Matcha. Pamela Hernandez of Thrive Personal Fitness describes what you need to know about the drink.

Here's what Pamela wrote:

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!

From the menu of your favorite coffee shop to your Instagram feed, it feels like matcha is everywhere. You may feel like you need to give it a try but you're not quite sure what it even is.

Matcha is pure green tea in powder form. Instead of infusing tea leaves in water and drinking the infusion, you're drinking (or eating) the whole leaf. This high concentration of anti-oxidants and caffeine makes it an easy to use active life superfood.

There are two basic categories of matcha. The first is culinary grade (sometimes labeled classic or premium). With a slightly astringent taste, this is the kind of Matcha you'll want to use in things, like a smoothie or a Matcha latte. It should be green in color (not yellowish) and not bitter.

A great affordable culinary blend to try is Master Matcha from Kansas City based Hugo Tea Co. You'll find flavored blends like the Vanilla Lavender Matcha from Plum Deluxe to add a new twist to a Matcha

latte or Matcha chia parfait or functional blends with other superfoods mixed it, like the Recovery Blend from Amoda Tea, to add to your post workout smoothie.

For straight sipping, you'll want to get a ceremonial grade Matcha. Ceremonial grade Matcha should be a vibrant and darker shade of green than its culinary counter part.

Never bitter, you'll find that ceremonial Matcha, like the Organic Ceremonial Matcha from Amoda Tea, will have a grassy and slightly sweet flavor. Ceremonial matcha is typically served hot and made by whisking a small amount (.5 – 1 tsp) with 2-4 oz of water.

No whisk? No problem! You can do a simple iced matcha by muddling some herbs like mint or basil and rosemary in a jar, adding .5 to 1 tsp of ceremonial matcha and shaking with 4-6 oz of filtered cold water. Pour over ice and serve.

You'll especially enjoy this before a hot summer run.

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