Be ready for traffic snarls during President Trump's visit

Published: Aug. 30, 2017 at 3:57 AM CDT
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President Donald Trump's event in Springfield Wednesday will be closed to the public, but just because you won't be there, doesn't mean you won't notice he's in town. That's because major roads will be closed throughout the day, to allow the president's motorcade to get where they need to go, and that may affect your commute.

Regardless of your political affiliation, it's always exciting to have the president in town, so you can show off your fair city. But it is less exciting when you're trying to drive anywhere near where he's traveling. Here's what Springfield Police Department's Lisa Cox said, "Motorists need to be aware that slowdowns and brief closures will be experienced throughout the entire day in northeast Springfield. They should avoid this general area, and if they cannot, they need to expect to be slightly inconvenienced."

What's that general area? It's pretty much anywhere between the airport and Loren Cook (where he's speaking) could see huge traffic snarls. The motorcade might take Chestnut Expressway, Division Street, or I-44, but we actually don't know the route, because the Secret Service won't tell us. Why? Steve Ijames has been in law enforcement and security for decades. He explains, it's about not tipping off the bad guys, "One of the key reasons for that is if the notification occurs, then those who might be predisposed to do bad things can set a process in motion before we begin to watch it. So, they'll be inquiries as you mentioned, on the route... vehicles that are parked along the road, vehicles that are abandoned close by, things that could, for example, contain an explosive device. All of that's going to be checked."

The president is scheduled to land around 12:55pm, and make his speech around 1:30pm, leaving shortly after. So, this shouldn't affect your commute home, but at this point, we still don't know for sure.