Injured bear spends final hours inside woman's garage in Gainesville, Mo.

GAINESVILLE, Mo. -- A Gainesville woman found a rather large guest in her garage earlier this week.

Carol Cooper was walking into her garage when she heard a commotion. She thought it might be a raccoon.

But to her surprise, there was a black bear in the corner of her garage.

"So what do you do when you've got a black bear in your garage? I don't know. I was freaking out," Cooper said.

She kept the bear cornered and call authorities.

"We have a park right next door," Cooper told KY3. "We have the elementary school right here and I felt I should keep him contained here."

The bear wasn't aggressive and appeared to be making itself comfortable in the corner.

"We realized that this was our town bear. Our famous bear," Cooper added.

A few days before, the bear was photographed trying to climb a bluff that it had fallen off of while trying to run from a pack of dogs.

A closer look showed the bear had several open wounds.

"He was very, very injured. He was inn a lot of pain and in a lot of distress," Cooper explained. "So it was very obvious that this bear had come to find a safe haven. He had come to find a place where he could pass on. And he did, in my garage. Bless his heart."

Not the happy ending Cooper wanted but she says she's glad the bear's suffering is over.

"I felt really, really sorry for him. I felt really bad. But we did what we could. You know, there's not anything else we could do," Cooper said.

Authorities believe the cub was just over a year old and weighed in the neighborhood of 200 pounds.