Bellefonte, Ark., farmers speak out after dogs attacked cattle

Published: Jul. 4, 2019 at 7:12 PM CDT
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Three cows were attacked on just one farm in Bellefonte.

"First time they got a calf. Then they got a bull. Now this will be the second cow," said Kory Brewer, a farmer.

Brewer said the culprits were two dogs from a nearby home.

"I'm not trying to say anything about a particular kind of dog. It could be any dog, but these are pit bull dogs doing it," Brewer said.

One of the calves ended up dying.

"The dogs would get ahold of the cow's mouth and tear their tongue to pieces, so the cow is not able to eat," the farmer said.

And it's not just happening at one farm.

Brewer's neighbors said about eight cows in the neighborhood have been attacked.

"For them I know they got the vet out, which a vet bill is $500 or more per call depending on what the vet does," Brewer said.

And each cow costs a farmer between $1,000-$1,500 a head.

"For a small-town farmer like me, I only run 35 head of mama cows. I lose one cow, one calf, that could be the difference between me making my payment or not," he said.

Brewer said he was prepared to kill the dogs after asking the owner to not let them run loose.

Arkansas state law states a person has a right to kill a dog knowing that the dog has killed, or is about to catch, injure or kill a domesticated animal.

The Boone County Sheriff said people have the right to protect their property, which includes livestock. The sheriff also said if there are damages, it is usually a civil matter.​

"We had the opportunity to shoot the dogs," Brewer said. "She begged us not to. So we gave her the benefit of the doubt that she would keep the dogs up."

Then the dogs attacked a third cow of Brewer's.

Neighbors are scared the dogs will also attack people and even kids.

The farmer said he recently found out the owner and the dogs moved, but to where he doesn't know.

"My biggest concern is we don't know where the dogs are, and wherever they do go they're going to continue to cause problems somewhere else."

​ It's still up in the air whether this third cow will survive.

Brewer said he did file a police report with the county sheriff's office.

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