Best Buy may be done with CD's, but this Springfield music store isn't

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Stick It In Your Ear has been a Springfield staple since 1993, and they say if big box chains like Best Buy are ready to give up on music CD’s, then that just means more customers walking in their Walnut St. doors.

“It's kind of bittersweet, I guess,” store manager Erik Milan said. “Because it's sad that [CD’s are] leaving on that level, but it's great for us because they're not going anywhere from our store. We're only getting more and more, so it's only going to be better for us.”

Best Buy announced this week that CD's will be off their shelves by this summer.

Milan says that CD’s are one of the most popular formats in their store, but admitted that vinyl records are No. 1.

“Vinyl's huge right now,” Milan said. “I think that the younger generation has found the need for something tangible, something to look at, something to hold, and collect.”

Danny Phillips, better known in night clubs in Springfield and around the country as DJP, says he blames his brethren DJ’s for killing vinyl years ago – abandoning it for digital technology.

He’s happy they’ve found new life.

“You get way better quality sound out of a vinyl record, but also CD's aren't as warm sounding as a vinyl record,” Phillips said.

Local shops like Stick It In Your Ear may be the best hope for physical musical formats going forward as more customers view them as a novelty, rather than a necessity, to listen to their favorite artists in the era of music streaming.

“I think CDs are definitely in a weird middle place where it's still cool for collectors and stuff like that, but it's not necessarily the go-to for someone that's just now getting into music,” Milan said.

“Like the guy that walks down the street and didn't know the store was here and goes, 'oh, wow, let me go through here. Oh, they've got records in here, I didn't know they had records,'” Phillips said. “And then he goes through and finds a record that takes him back to his childhood and he buys the record.”