Two missing horses found inside Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

Published: Aug. 16, 2017 at 6:16 PM CDT
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Two horses lost in Wilson's Creek National Battlefield are back with their owner.

The horses ran off Saturday when they became spooked by turkeys. The horses tossed the riders. The owner says a bicyclist spotted them last night. And during their search Wednesday, they heard them.

The thick brush of the battlefield made the search difficult.

This day started out like the last four days, hitting the ground hard in hopes of finding the two horses that went missing Saturday.

Park rangers say finding a horse in these woods is challenging.

"Horses don't always stay put in the same spot and so you may go through an area and take a look and move on and come back to an area you thought you already clear," Chief Park Ranger John Sutton said.

But Kelly Gimlin and her friends weren't giving up on Lacy and Gypsy.

"We were doing the Manly Trail where we lost them from and miracles of miracles as we were riding we finally heard a whinny," Gimlin said.

It was a sound of hope.

"So we all stopped and road a little ways into the woods and heard a whinny again, couldn't quite see them," Gimlin said.

So one of the searchers with Kelly jumped off his horse and went after the animals and led them out of the woods.

"We are very happy and very blessed," Gimlin said.

A collective sigh of relief once Lacy and Gypsy were in hand and mostly unharmed.

"They still had all of their tack on and safe, other than a bunch of poor bites on this poor little girl gypsy," Gimlin said. "They are completely good and healthy they haven't lost any weight so the park has been treating them well."

It's a recovery everyone is celebrating.

"Come on girl, I know you haven't seen it in a while," Gimlin said.

Reluctant at first to get into the trailer.

"We'll get you nice and safely tucked in," Gimlin said.

Lacy and Gypsy were finally secured and ready to put this adventure to an end.

"Come on Sweet heart it's time to go home," Gimlin said.