Bike to work week 2017 begins in the Ozarks

Published: May. 15, 2017 at 5:15 AM CDT
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This week hundreds of people will hit the pedals to bike to work during the annual Bike to Work Week. It runs from May 15th through 19th and is being organized by Ozark Greenways and several other partners and sponsors.

Bike to Work Week is an effort to get every person to leave the car behind for at least one day during the week. The point is to encourage people to use more active transportation and travel by bike, bus or foot instead of in a vehicle.

"Bike to work week is a fun way to show off what we have here in Springfield," said Lori Tack, Program Coordinator with Ozark Greenways.

"We have a lot of nice choices. We have over 70 miles of Grewnway Trails, over 70 miles of on-street bike routes, which includes bike lanes, signage, and separated paths; so it's kind of a fun way for us to invite everyone out and see where the paths go and create your own route," Tack explained.

Organizers say in addition to being a great way to work more exercise into your day, biking to work also helps reduce harmful emissions and pollution.

"The trails have gained so much popularity as an important part of Springfield and now we want to introduce people to what are called on-street bike routes that Public Works has been developing for several years and they connect with the Greenways. We have all kinds of tips for new people on our website. That's kind of the point of the event is to encourage people who might not have tried it before," said Tack .

Anyone can participate by going online to sign up at Once on the site you can login or register to join and create an account for yourself or a group. Once your account is created click on "Join City of Springfield BTWW2017" and follow the instructions from there.