Bill would get rid of daylight saving time in Arkansas

Published: Feb. 18, 2019 at 3:09 PM CST
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Right now Arkansas is on standard time. We turned the clocks back an hour in November to standard time, and will push them forward an hour in March to daylight saving time.

House Bill 1368 filed by State Rep. Sarah Capp, R-Ozark, would make Arkansas always on standard time.

That means we'd never have to change our clock.

"It's an adjustment. I'm all for keeping it one time all year round," Matthew Willeford, who lives in Berryville, said.

Daylight saving time started in World War I to conserve energy.

In a Facebook post, Capp said she filed the bill because "someone always asks about the requirements for time change and expresses the frustration with having to switch clocks back and forth twice a year. I was asked to do something about it, not from just one constituent, but from several on a consistent basis. From talking to other legislators, they have had the same conversations."

But some Boone County leaders said they don't want the bill to pass.

"I think it's a ridiculous bill to try to pass to a state that has so much farming. Those farmers and cattlemen, they want that daylight," said Glenn Redding, a Boone County Justice of the Peace.

Also there's the issue of surrounding states.

"Are they going to go with it?" Redding asked. "If they don't go with it and I drive 30 miles to Branson, I'm in a different time zone. And I think that's ridiculous."

Boone County Judge Robert Hathaway said it would be great if the state could be on daylight saving time all year round, and not standard time.

That way no one would have to change their clocks, and there'd be longer evening daylight.

"I like the daylight saving time," Hathaway said. "In the winter it's hard to get out of here before dark. Some of them are farmers and some of them have trouble getting home and feeding and everything."

But having daylight time all year round is not a possibility right now.

"Federal government will not allow us to go with daylight saving time year round. However they will allow standard time year round," Redding said. "And I don't understand the reasoning behind that. And I think if we can't continue with daylight saving time, it would hurt our cattlemen, and therefore I'm against the bill."

State Representatives Ron McNair and Keith Slape said they're opposed to the bill exempting Arkansas from daylight saving time as well.

Redding said he recommends people who would like to keep daylight saving time to contact their representative to give their opinion.

To find your representative, go to

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