Boil order in effect for Brandsville will likely continue for several more days


The boil order for customers of the Brandsville Public Water Supply District #2 has been lifted as of Wednesday, January 30th. Samples sent to the Department of Natural Resources say the water is clean to drink.

Folks living in a certain area of the small town of Brandsville, Missouri are dealing with a boil order after a water main leak was found earlier this week.

Behind me is the area where crews had to fix a leak. This is around East Main and Washington. Now I'm told by a water district employee that the leak had been going on for quote, 'quite some time.' Now the boil order is only for residents in Brandsville that live West of Jefferson Avenue.

Officials with Howell County Public Water Supply District two announced the boil order on Thursday.

Some residents tell KY3 they were not notified of the boil order however, a sign with information was posted on the post office doors and the boil order was announced on the district's Facebook page, early Friday morning.

According to the water operator for the district, the water pressure in that area had become weaker over time.

A leak was found earlier in the week, underneath East Main Street.

KY3 was told parts to repair the leak had to be ordered before the leak was repaired.

The water was shut off and residents were without water for several hours on Friday while repairs were made.

Samples have been sent to the Department of Natural Resources and results are not expected to be back until Wednesday at the earliest, according to the water operator.

Customers are asked to boil water vigorously for three minutes prior to use for cooking or drinking.

When it comes to washing dishes, folks should take one teaspoon of unscented household chlorine bleach per gallon of water and should immerse the dishes for at least one minute.