Bolivar getting new Tractor Supply Co., Best Western Plus, Mercy outpatient clinic

Published: Jun. 23, 2017 at 10:52 PM CDT
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An old pasture is giving way to progress in Bolivar.

"It breeds excitement, and it is contagious, and people take notice when they start seeing that dirt moved and development happening," said Gail Noggle, Economic Development Director for the City of Bolivar.

This site off Highway 13 will be home to a brand new

Tractor Supply Company farm and home store. The new retailer is set to open later this year.

Noggle stated, "This is just the beginning of other exciting developments going on inside of the city."

Near the Southwest Baptist University campus, a four-story Best Western Plus is going up. City leaders hope the new facility will provide more space for visitors during events in town.

"We already have some really good motels, but we don't have enough rooms. So, this is a tremendous asset," said Darin Chappell, Bolivar's City Administrator.

According to a banner on the construction site, the new hotel is set to be done by next spring.

A third major project will entail a new medical clinic on the town's south side. Mercy Hospital tells KY3 it will build a 43,000 sq. ft. outpatient facility off Highways 13 and 83. The facility will employ about two-dozen people.

The new clinic will replace Mercy's current one, which opened earlier this year in Cribbers Corner Shopping Center.

Sonya Kullmann, spokesperson for Mercy Springfield, confirms the location will entail a family medical clinic, specialty clinic and outreach, and infusion area, and special procedures lab.

The facility is still in the design phase, but plans have been submitted to the City, accoridng to Kullmann. The health system says it is still a few months away from a groundbreaking.

Chappell said, "We are looking at significant development occurring within the city, which not only brings the money of the development itself, but also the expansion of jobs, quality of life issues.

The three projects make up a lot of activity for this town which was, until recently, experiencing a lull in new construction.

"Five years ago the City of Bolivar was in significant financial distress," Chappel said. "We have taken the City of Bolivar from being financially at the precipice to being- not just doing well- but flourishing.

The site where Tractor Supply is going up was set aside by the city for industrial business development 15 years ago. Now, things are finally happening.

"We are excited," Noggle said. "We think it is going to bring a lot more other development and excitement to the park."

The city more projects are in the works. But, they shall remain surprises for now.

Noggle explained, "this is just a billboard in itself that tells people along Highway 13 that Bolivar is progressing, developing, and bringing new jobs into the community.