Book Rack bookstore cleaning up after fatal car crash

Over the weekend a driver crashed into Springfield's Book Rack bookstore, at Campbell and Central. The driver died in the crash and the passenger is still reported to be alive but in critical condition. Today a crew came out to look at the damage and start cleaning up.

James Tillman, a business consultant who has worked with the property owners in other real estate said, "It's got a lot of books in there. The tenant is going to try to remove some of the books and stuff of that nature, his personal belongings. But, that's going to be a pretty big chore, there's a lot of books inside."

Kristin Tidlund's mother lives down the street from the bookstore. She was staying with her mom the night of the crash and says that she's just glad that no else was on the street and got hurt.

"Most of the time I park over here because my mom only has one piece of a driveway, and it's not much. So, I'm just glad I wasn't parked anywhere over there because I have a daughter and usually- we could have been pulling in or out of there and it could have hit us," Tidlund said.

The Book Rack first opened its doors in February of 1974, and moved to its current location in 2004. Right now the owner is unsure if he will reopen at a new location.