Boone County DAV helps veterans file benefit claims in Arkansas

HARRISON, Ark. -- Vietnam War Army veteran James Ron Craig is now a service officer for the Boone County Disabled American Veterans chapter.

Craig said it's so important for him to help fellow veterans file benefit claims with the VA because he didn't until 2005.

He could've right after he came back from the war.

"Never told anything. When we came back from Vietnam," Craig said.

So for around 30 years, Craig wasn't getting benefits he was entitled to. In his case, that's thousands of dollars.

And he said many other veterans are in the same boat.

"Just about everybody that comes in here doesn't have a clue," Craig said.

Some are entitled to money from the federal government and have no idea. So he wants to help those veterans, and he does it at the Boone County Library.

"As long as I'm the director, the DAV will always have a home here at the Boone County Library," said Ginger Schoenenberger, the Boone County Library director.

She feels a duty to help those who served our country.

"You see the pain and the suffering that they've gone through, and yet now the DAV is here at Boone County Library in Boone County in Harrison, Arkansas, to help them get what they needed," Schoenenberger said.

Craig has helped hundreds.

"I finally came to the realization maybe I could do more by just helping veterans," he said.

He said it's important for veterans to make sure they're in the VA system first, and to bring in their DD 214 form.

If you are a veteran who is looking to get your benefits or are unsure if you are entitled to benefits, you can contact your local DAV service officer at