Boone County Imagination Library provides summer reading in the park to kids

HARRISON, Ark. - The Boone County imagination library is kicking off the summer by reading to kids at Minnie Harris Park in Harrison. ​

The storytelling will take place Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. until August 8.

Kids should come down to the pavilion on the playground-side of the park.

This is the first summer the county's imagination library has started this reading program.

It's for younger kids, around pre-school age.

"Reading to the kids has proven to be so effective and statistically important in their education going forward past high school into college, and that's the reason we do it," said Ken Savells, the president of the Boone County Imagination Library.

This week characters from "Beauty in the Beast, Jr." will be the ones reading to the kids at the park.