Boone County comes up with coronavirus plan for presidential election in Arkansas

HARRISON, Ark. -- The state of Arkansas asked each county to come up with a coronavirus plan just in case they need one for November.

Boone County already spent about $3,500 for plexiglass shields that will be set up where voters check in. The Boone County Election Center also spent more than $2,500 for supplies like styluses, hand sanitizer, crowd control barriers, and spray bottles.

All of that will go to the 13 voting centers in the county.

The styluses will be used to fill out your ballot, instead of using your hands. And people will have to stay six feet apart in line.

All poll workers will be given a mask, and there will also be a person spraying people’s hands with sanitizer before they come in.

Boone County will apply for federal grants to pay for the safety measures. That money is not guaranteed though.

Boone County Clerk Crystal Graddy said the goal is to make voters feel safe.

"It being in November, it is probably going to be good just for a hygiene standpoint because there is flu, there are other things out there. So it's probably going to be a good idea to make sure things are clean anyway. And it's just going to make everybody a little more aware," Graddy said.

This is all just a plan, and the county won't know if they have to implement it until the state tells it to probably closer to the election.