Boulders block trail users from parking near Galloway Greenway

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 4:55 AM CDT
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People who use the Galloway Greenway found a surprise in some informal parking spots, large boulders.

The KY3 and KSPR Newsroom was emailed a photo showing boulders at the unofficial trail entrance near the 60/65 interchange, where South River Road and East Timbercrest Street meet, just last week.

Eric Claussen, a Traffic Engineer with the City of Springfield, called the entire thing a misunderstanding. "It was really just a miscommunication between the City of Springfield and the property owner," started Claussen. "There were some boulders placed on right-of-way without them really understanding that that was right-of-way."

Claussen mentioned in the past there were issues with people parking and blocking some of that property owner's driveway access. "We had gone in late last year and actually provided some no parking signs just to clear that access point."

KY3 and KSPR News Reporter Lexi Spivak tried reaching out to the property owners, but had no luck. Claussen said when city offices called the owners had no problem removing the boulders and quickly cooperated.

"A lot of times it's just difficult for property owners to really see where public right-of-way begins and ends, and their property begins and ends," said Claussen, explaining this problem is not that unheard of.

Now that the boulders have been removed, Claussen reiterated drivers are allowed to park on public right-of-way. "The City has no interest in limiting or prohibiting parking from that area," he said. "Understanding that that is one of the most heavily utilized areas for people to enter the trail down there."

Hal Davidson has called the trail a neighbor for nearly 40 years and uses it daily. "I'm a walker for my health, I've had two heart surgeries, and so I depend on this." He said he's just happy the confusion is cleared up. "There are lots of people that called in and found this to be something that they did not like, so I'm glad to see it happen," he said of the boulders being removed.

If someone is ever confused about where their property line ends and right-of-way begins, Claussen encouraged people to check with the Greene County Assessor website or the City of Springfield GIS Maps web page. Links to both resources are included in this story.

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