Branson High School student faces terroristic threat charge

BRANSON, Mo. -- The Taney County prosecutor charged a Branson High School student Thursday for making a terroristic threat against his school.

Police arrested William James Nelson at a home in Kirbyville, Mo. Tuesday night.

Police began investigating the threat after a student told the school she received Snapchat messages from Nelson. Investigators say the messages discussed buying an "AR-15" gun. One message read, "10 days from now on the 14 of Dec. it's going down, not saying what time, but it's going down. I'm gonna make history, all the anger and all the hurt I'm gonna let it out, this is it. I'm gonna show."

The student said she was told several times through Snapchat not to attend class on that day.

Detectives say Nelson told them he was off his medications during the Snapchat messages. Detectives then say he admitted he was going to go into the lunch area with an "AR 15" and commit suicide so "everyone could see how much they hurt him." The investigators say Nelson told them he did not plan to hurt anybody else at the school.