Branson airshow brings WWII planes and honors The Greatest Generation

World War II planes are in the Ozarks this Labor Day weekend to teach people about the past and remember the men and women who served.

The CAF AirPower History Tour is a flying tribute to The Greatest Generation, the men and women who served in uniform during World War II.

If planes could talk, the World War Two planes would have a lot of stories to tell.

"This aircraft has 2400 hours of flight time on it," J.W. "Dutch" Meyerpeter, with the Commemorative Air Force, said.

"It was basically an attack plane. It had as many as 16 50-caliber machine guns on it," Charles R. Howard, with the Commemorative Air Force, said.

The A-26 Invader was one of the key players in the Second World War. It is one of the six planes to make the stop at the Branson airport all to help commemorate The Greatest Generation.

"We wouldn't be enjoying the freedom we have today if it weren't for those people and these aircraft," Meyerpeter said.

That's why the Branson Veterans Task Force partnered with the Commemorative Air Force to preserve and teach American history.

"People can buy rides in them, they can get up close and personal. They can touch them, they can get in them, they can talk to the crews that fly them. So, really it's just a time for the CAF to raise money to keep these things flying. It's really like a flying history museum," Event Coordinator Ty Lewis said.

The airshow not only features the planes from the World War two era, but also music from the 40's.

"These planes are from the 1940's and so are we! And so, everything we do in our show is 1942, so it's kind of like coming home and being a part of it," Jody Madaras, with the All Hands on Deck show, said.

Event organizers say from visitors who have flown the planes themselves to the younger generation who are just learning about the history, the show has a take-away for everyone.

"You'll see tears in their eyes when they see these aircraft," Lewis said. "It's important to keep our history alive."

The event lasts through Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Money raised goes to The Branson Veterans Task Force and the Commemorative Air Force to help keep the planes flying.

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