Branson hosts 68th annual Adoration Parade, Christmas celebration

Published: Dec. 4, 2016 at 9:21 PM CST
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People lined the streets of downtown on Sunday evening for the annual Adoration Christmas Parade and Celebration.

Starting the parade with the lighting of the iconic nativity scene over Branson was only fitting for the reason behind the long-lasting celebration.

"It's one of the only parades, I think, in the United States where we celebrate the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. So, we are so happy and so proud to host this every year," Mayor Karen Best said.

For 68 years now, that message has brought people from across the country to Branson during the Christmas season.

"We came to Branson to see the holiday lights for about four nights. We will see some shows and came downtown to see that parade tonight," Gary Martz said.

It has kept local families coming back year after year generation after generation.

"[We've been coming for] 44 years now," Judy Willis said. "We brought our kids ever since they were little and now, we bring our children and our grandchildren. It's just an experience. It's part of our family, Christmas tradition."

So, with songs, sweets, St. Nick, and plenty of smiles, people from near and far come together in Branson, to celebrate the reason for the season.

"Merry Christmas to everybody and a happy new year and God Bless us every one," Willis said.

If you missed the parade, there is still plenty to see in Branson, including that iconic nativity scene, just look right above the Branson Landing.