Branson photographer takes long-distance portraits of neighbors during COVID-19 quarantine

BRANSON, MO. -- One Branson photographer is getting creative as she and her neighbors are social distancing by taking pictures of families who are stuck at home.

"I'm like, I'm just going to go spread joy. We are going to get our mind off this, even for a few hours, especially for the kids," Photographer Sheri Holloway said.

Holloway is known for taking family portraits and weddings photos throughout the Branson area. However, this photo-shoot was certainly a little different.

"Whenever I reached out to them, they're like 'Oh yes, of course, we will do that!' Because they've heard my wild ideas before," Holloway said.

She asked her neighbors to step outside their homes and pose for some long distance snapshots.

"Just having fun with the kids. It's something they're going to remember," Nathan Lynch said.

With toilet paper props and smiles between siblings, the families stepped up to the challenge.

"It's easy to find the negative, you know, but it's harder to find the positive," Dana Lynch said.

Holloway says she was inspired by another photographer, as she asked herself how she could help her community during this tough time.

"I was thinking like everyone else is thinking, 'What can I do to serve and to help?'" Holloway said.

She used a long lens to frame up the families, capturing moments of joy despite the coronavirus quarantine.

"It's important not to just be positive once, but to continue that positivity throughout. It's a daily decision," Lynch said.

The Lynch family says while it's tempting to fall into a trap of worry and uncertainly, the photos are speaking a thousand words.

"People are having dinner together, they're playing games together, they're going outside, they're going on walks. Hopefully, we can come out of this stronger as families," Lynch said.

They're bringing out a message about the importance of staying together, while being forced apart.

"We can get through this. It's like we are putting a pause button on life," Holloway said. "We are going to get through this together."

The photographer is also doing online photo contests for kids and adults.

She hopes her small gestures will encourage all of everyone to do what they can to spread joy during this tough time, too.