Branson police discuss preparations, answer questions ahead of Saturday's protest

Published: Jun. 27, 2020 at 12:08 AM CDT
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For the second straight weekend, a protest is planned at Dixie Outfitters in Branson.

The protest and a counter-protest is expected to begin around noon.

The Branson Police Department answered several questions ahead of Saturday's planned protest.

How prepared is Branson?

The [Branson Police] Department is well prepared for and has a scalable plan involving regional, state, and federal partners for the peaceful demonstrations that are planned for this weekend.

What is the Branson Police Department and city's process when it comes to demonstrations?

The Branson Police Department is committed to ensuring all rights are preserved and our citizens remain free to express themselves. The role of the Branson Police Department is to ensure that the law is obeyed and that everyone has their opportunity to voice their concerns in a safe manner. Police officials always make a point to meet individually with demonstrator organizers to go over the applicable laws, expectations, and how to keep everyone safe. This weekend is no different. Demonstrator organizers have been working with police to make sure everyone is able to demonstrate peacefully and safely.

Have police asked a few businesses near Dixie Outfitters or in that area not to open on Saturday?

The Branson Police Department has not asked any businesses in that area to close on Saturday.

Is Highway 76 being shut down or parts of it at any point?

Street closures are possible as officers on-site work to assess and maintain safety.

Do protesters or demonstrators need a permit?

They may, depending on if they need to close sidewalks, close roads, or affect traffic. There are no plans of this nature for this weekend's demonstrations.

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