Brown Derby halts sales of vaping products

(MGN Image - Lindsay Fox/CC BY 2.0)
(MGN Image - Lindsay Fox/CC BY 2.0)(WLUC)
Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 8:07 AM CDT
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Brown Derby is halting sales of all vaping products. The announcement comes after KY3 requested comment after the Food and Drug Administration caught the retailer selling vaping products to minors twice this year.

In one case, the FDA says an underage, undercover agent entered a Brown Derby store on May 1. The minor bought a mint flavored e-liquid. The feds say the clerk did not check for ID.

In the statement to KY3, A Brown Derby spokesperson told us, "We are committed to ensure(ing) that Brown Derby remains in compliance with all laws and does not sell vaping products to minors. Brown Derby has removed all vaping products from stores at this time."

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has caught some of the biggest names in Springfield retailing selling vape products to minors in 2019.

The names include Kum & Go, Walmart and Brown Derby. Others on the list in Springfield include Fast N' Friendly, Dollar General and Signal.

In Walmart's case, the retailer pointed out that it has already announced that it will stop selling vaping products at all locations nationwide when its inventory runs out.

The company also sent us a statement from earlier this year saying, "Recently, we received a letter from the Food and Drug Administration about the policies we have in place to prevent the sale of tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery systems to anyone under age. While we have implemented a robust compliance program, we are not satisfied with falling short of our company-wide goal of 100% compliance. Even a single sale to a minor is one too many, and we take seriously our responsibilities in this regard. So today, we sent a letter back to the FDA outlining additional measures we’re taking to keep tobacco out of the hands of minors."

The company says in the letter to the FDA, "We are also implementing additional measures to enhance our compliance rates. For example, we are strengthening the disciplinary action stemming from failed secret-shopper checks."

You can read Walmart's letter to the FDA here Walmart letter HERE

Kroger and Walgreens are also stopping sales of vaping products.

Kum & Go told us, "(We) take responsibly selling age verified products very seriously. We train our associates regularly, participate in the industry’s “We Card” program, and are investing into the technology to go to 100% scan ID only."

The CDC reports more than 1,600 vaping related lung illnesses across the United States. Thirty-four more have died across the U.S. from vaping related illnesses.

Meantime, the state of Missouri is cracking down on stores who sell to minors. Vape shops in Greene and Webster Counties will be getting surprise inspections starting November 1.

If you want to check on retailers in your community, here's the link to the FDA database FDA Database HERE

Here are some suggestions for your search. On the first line, leave the name of the retailer blank to get a citywide search. Under inspection result, leave the form filled for ALL. At the product type, if you're interested in the vaping issue, select ENDS/E-Liquid. At the bottom of the form under Minor Involved and Sale To Minor, enter YES to both questions.

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