Buddy Check 3: One woman believes message saved her life

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 5:10 PM CDT
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It's June 3, time for Buddy Check 3, a reminder from us to check in with your friend or family member about troubleshooting breast cancer.

A lot of people have been watching more TV while staying at home recently. We were thrilled when one of those viewers reached out to tell us she "kept" seeing our Buddy Check 3 commercial about the importance of self exams and check-ups. Thank goodness that message finally got through to her.

Meet Kim Coulter's story. Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has given Kim Coulter a lot more time with her three kids. Both she and her husband work for local manufacturer, SRC, juggling their essential work between the office and home.

"At first it was pure chaos with the kids not having school or after school, no babysitter," said Coulter.

Like many families, the Coulters found relief with help from both sets of grandparents. But it was around that same time Kim was suddenly dealing with a whole new kind of stress, one she says she tried to ignore, but KY3 just kept nagging her.

"I kept seeing all the commercials for the Buddy Check 3 program, " Coulter said. Turns out, Coutler had been having some chest pain and had even found a small lump. But she says she was sure it was because of a new prescription, especially since she was only 38 and without any family history of cancer. Still she reiterated she kept seeing those commercials and started questioning "what if?" She said something in her head kept saying she better check.

Finally after three months, in April, Coulter did get checked out and the mammogram did show a suspicious area that a biopsy revealed was a small inflamed tumor. A lumpectomy followed, with good news after surgery that no chemo was necessary, only radiation for a month. All of this in the middle of a pandemic, making a close family even closer.

Kim said her kids were more attached to her side anyway because of the virus and so much uncertainty. Like a lot of people she said April now feels like a fog.

Now that the fog is lifting, Kim's determined to make the most of what she's been through. She's urging others to pay attention to those Buddy Check 3 commercials and keep up with the guidelines for breast cancer care, because she says she believes that message saved her life. It's easy to sign up. Click


This is a joint project with KY3, The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, and Mercy and Cox Hospitals. You'll get an introductory packet with more information on breast care health.