Burglaries at Linn Creek, Mo. trapshooting range under investigation

Published: Jun. 5, 2019 at 5:29 PM CDT
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William Peart of Illinois has been trap shooting since he was about 21 years old.

He's been coming to the state shoot in Linn Creek for about a decade.

"Just drove down, a couple of us, stayed in a hotel and went to different state shoots at that time, just one or two," Peart said. "Now it's different that I've retired. Got the time and money to do it."

He's met friends from all across the country at different events, many of them staying in campers or RVs like he does.

"I've seen license plates here for the state shoot from New York, New Mexico, Illinios of course. It's close. Kentucky," Peart recalled.

Often times, those trap shooters leave their campers at the site for months on end, even though they may leave.

Now, the Camden County Sheriff's Office is investigating at least nine break ins to those campers. Many personal items were stolen, but it's been hard to track down what's been taken, and where the owners are.

"Typically, when you have a burglary that involves multiple victims, and in this case, multiple victims from around the United States, it's difficult to get everyone in contact with them and try to find contact information for those people," said Capt. Chris Twitchel of the Camden County Sheriff's Office. "They may be renting that little area, but they might not have a lot of contact information for people to get a hold of them."

Peart says it's unlikely the thief got away with any guns or anything really valuable, but he says he hopes he or she gets caught.

"How low can you be? You know," Peart said. "You're breaking into somebody's, well not exactly their home, but almost. They wouldn't want anyone breaking in to their home."

Deputies are asking for anyone with information that could help their investigation to call the Camden County Sheriff's Office at (573) 346-2243.

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