Water main break in Galloway Village impacts businesses

Published: Mar. 6, 2020 at 11:04 PM CST
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A water main break Thursday caused problems for nearby businesses along Lone Pine in Springfield. City Utilities say problems like this one happen fairly often.

"It literally looked like a river had gone down lone pine," said Kayla Lipes.

Kayla Lipes was working at Firehouse Pottery when a water main broke in Galloway Thursday afternoon. Water flooding Lone Pine, cutting off water for businesses

"We went and got some buckets and filled them with water and I literally watched our sink until the very last drop when they shut it down," said Lipes.

Lipes says with their parking lot being right next to the problem, they were afraid of their customer's cars.

"Our parking lot was literally underwater," said Lipes.

"It's not something we plan by any means, but we do ask customers for patience," said Joel Alexander.

Joel Alexander with City Utilities says while lines can be cut or hit on accident, they do have measures put in place to hopefully prevent something.

"We all have maps we look at and sometimes it's just hard to tell exactly where something might be, it might be there and it might not be there. you just hopes the maps are as accurate as they can be," said Alexander.

Alexander says they do meet with contractors to discuss plans, but with Springfield's economic boom and need for more buildings more issues like this can come up.

"Our crews stand ready, 24/7, 365 to go out and make repairs as do the other utilities so if it does happen we are going to be responding as rapidly as possible to get everything back in service," said Alexander.