Buyer Beware when ordering Valentine's Day flowers online

A reminder to procrastinators, Valentine's Day is Wednesday. Now's the time to get your flower orders in. Here's the message: Use caution with Google.

If you order online, buyer beware. For example if you google a local shop, like Hazel's Flowers ...

"We don't show up until about seven or eight on the list," said
Annie Bach.

Online real estate comes at cost.

"It's astronomical. We can't afford to place ourselves at the top of that list," she said.

By accident, you might end up ordering through a third party website.

"They'll show you something fabulous for $19.95 by the time it's all said and done they will see their credit card bill and it will be $60, $70 of hidden fees that went to the order taker and we can only fill what they send us for the value so it's much smaller and not representative of what they saw in the picture," said Bach.

Local shops usually fill those online orders, but sometimes they can't match the photo. Which is bad for the customer and the local florist.

"We will fill it to recipe, but the photos are very deceiving. If they do talk to an order taker, they are not professional designers nor do they know what we have in our shop," she said.

Plus, when you shop local directly, your dollar can stretch. Which allows for a little splurging.

"We also have candles and soaps, that's perfect to send with flowers," she said.

The perk about those third party websites is convenience. But a few clicks, could save you money and heartache. When you google "florist near me" just remember to scroll down past the ads and check the U-R-L to make sure you're on the small business website.