C-Street small businesses thrive off of online sales during pandemic

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo For the past 6 years, Hakaar's Bazaar has sat on Commercial Street attracting people from all over with their vintage items.

"We have everything from furniture to lamps, Pyrex everything in between," said Hakaar's Bazaar owner, Lauren Cross.

The past couple of months have been different though.

"When COVID started we closed March 12th before everyone was forced or chose to closed," said Cross.

Co-owner, Lauren Cross has a compromised immune system so she didn't want to risk getting sick.

"Once we closed down our brick and mortar we were strictly online sales only," said Cross.

She began posting her inventory on Facebook and Instagram and her business took off.

"We just got back from Florida delivering a dresser there," said Cross. "We're offering delivery to people who don't want to come here. We've shipped things to Germany, England. Our little store it's humbling."

Down the block at Chabom Tea and Spices they're doing something similiar.

"Even though we lost the Brick and Mortar business during those four weeks we saw our online sales shoot up a huge percentage," said Chabom Tea and Spices owner, Joseph Gidman. "Now that we're back open we're not showing a loss for the year we're seeing the same sales that we were last year for this store."

Chabom Tea and Spices store on Commercial Street is back open and Hakaar's Bazaar is still closed for another week. Both stores will continue their online orders but what to emphasize the importance of shopping local at brick and mortar stores.

"Even with online sales being really good and we could just be doing that. We don't want to do that we want to stay here on Commercial street," said Cross.