CATCH-A-CROOK: Help ID a man wanted for questioning in a Springfield theft case

Published: Mar. 5, 2020 at 10:29 AM CST
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In this week's Catch a Crook, deputies want your help identifying a man caught on Ring doorbell security video in western Greene County. Captain Jeremy Lynn of the Greene County Sheriff's Office explains the man's connection to a stolen truck.

On the evening of February 3rd, a woman called authorities after noticing a suspicious truck parked down her street. Investigators say the truck had been reported stolen. They sent out a company to tow it.

Just after 5:00 p.m. on the same night, a man knocked on the woman's door and asked her what happened to the truck. She told him police towed it and the man walked away. A home security camera shows the man wearing a black jacket with the "T-birds" in white lettering on the back. The woman also told authorities the man had "Freddie Krueger fingers" referencing the Nightmare on Elm Street movie character with blades for fingers. Detectives could tell if the man had anything on his hands in the video. When he walks away, Captain Lynn says you can hear the man possibly talking to someone out of the camera's view.

Greene County detectives are also trying down track down a couple suspected in a burglary in the Beverly Hills subdivision. The crime happened on January 20. Captain Lynn says a woman reported her purse stolen after leaving it in her car. She had the car running inside her garage to warm it up in the morning. The garage door was left open. Investigators say when the victim went back to her car, she realized her purse and 3 credit cards had been stolen.

That same morning, a man and woman used the stolen credit cards to pay for breakfast pizza, 4 packs of cigarettes, milk, soda and gas at a Casey's on S. Grant Avenue. The couple charged $49.19 at Casey's, then drove to Gailey's restaurant in downtown Springfield. Captain Lynn says the man and woman then used the victim's debit card to pay a $97 order of food.

If you recognize the couple in Casey's or can identify the man in the Ring doorbell security video, call the Greene County Tipline at 417-829-6230.