CATCH-A-CROOK: Help find these Greene County gun thieves

Published: Jun. 18, 2020 at 9:27 AM CDT
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In this week's Catch-A-Crook, Greene County detectives want your help identifying a man who used stolen credit cards at two gas stations in Springfield. Captain Jeremy Lynn from the Greene County Sheriff's Office admits it's difficult identifying criminals on camera because many are wearing face masks because of the pandemic.

In the first video, a man is seeing wearing a black mask, and black stocking cap. Security video from a Kum & Go at 2650 West Sunshine shows the man using two stolen credit cards to make more than $118 in purchases. You can hear him on the video asking for several cartons of cigarettes. The first card is denied, but the second card goes through.

Captain Lynn says the credit cards had been stolen from a vehicle in a neighborhood just north of FF Highway and James River. A pistol was stolen from a second car at the same address. The victims reported the thefts on April 11.

The second case focuses on a theft from a truck in Greene County on May 22. The victim reported his gun had been stolen from the glove box after he forgot to lock the vehicle. The crime happened off West Farm Road 54, northeast of Willard.

A game camera on the property captured an image of a man, investigators believe stole the firearm. Captain Lynn says this man is also a suspect in another gun theft in the same area. While the game camera image is blurry, investigators hope someone will recognize the man. He's seen wearing a hoodie, jeans, Under Armour gloves and smoking a cigarette. The camera shows the man walked onto the property around 3:55 in the morning on May 22.

If you have any information on these cases, call the Greene County Tipline at 417-829-6230.