CATCH-A-CROOK: Help find a woman charged in a Greene County knife attack

Published: Jan. 9, 2020 at 11:12 AM CST
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The Greene County Sheriff wants your help identifying 3 people seen using a stolen credit card at Andy B's in Springfield. The video shows 2 black men and a black woman at the counter. They used the victim's card for a night of bowling and drinking.

The victim realized her garage door opener was missing from a vehicle on November 18, 2019. Then she discovered all four birth certificates for her children were taken from a file cabinet in her husband's office at home.

Sheriff Jim Arnott says the thieves made more than $1,300 in charges on the credit card at several Springfield locations from November 30, 2019 to December 2, 2019.

The victim told detectives from late October through mid November they had hired a painting company to do work in their home. The victim estimates workers were in their home about ten times. They live east of Blackman Road and Sunshine Street. The family says several high school kids were also over at the house during that time period.

Sheriff Arnott is also looking for a woman accused of attacking her stepdaughter with a butcher's knife. Tiffany Sutton has been on the run for years. She's 33-years-old. Sheriff Arnott says the domestic violence case happened at a Greene County home near Golden and Battlefield Road.

If you've seen Tiffany Sutton or you can identify the two men and woman who used a stolen credit card at Andy B's in Springfield, call the Greene County Tipline at (417) 829-6230. You can also give a tip by clicking the link to the right of this story.