CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Car explodes going down road, man pulls driver to safety

STAFFORD, Conn. (WTIC/CNN) - A car that burst into flames at a Connecticut intersection could have killed the driver, but a passerby's quick action saved his life.

Video shows that within seconds of the explosion, a car going by pulls over. Edward Cyr jumps out and rushes to help. (Source: Stafford Fire/WTIC/CNN)

The whole thing was caught on video by a traffic camera.

Glenwood Little was driving down Main Street when his vehicle erupted in a ball of fire.

Video shows that within seconds, a car going by pulls over. Edward Cyr jumps out and rushes to help.

"I noticed there was a man in the car, there was someone in the driver's seat, so I told my husband, I said, 'You need to pull over and do something,'" said Sandra Cyr, Edward Cyr's wife.

Edward Cyr runs across the road in an attempt to save the person behind the wheel.

"I pushed him kind of into the back, reached down to the seat belt and unbuckled him and then pulled him out," he said. "Then I realized his jacket was melting on him and his bonnet."

Stafford fire officials said Little was carrying two gas cans in the backseat when his car exploded Nov. 1.

Little suffering minor burns, thanks to the Cyrs.

"I didn't really think about the danger; I was thinking about the gentleman in the car," Edward Cyr said.

The car was completely engulfed by the time fire crews arrived on scene

"I don't know if it tipped over, was leaking or what, and there was smoking materials involved," said Stafford Fire Chief David Lucia.

The Town of Stafford presented Edward Cyr an award for his act of heroism Tuesday.

"I mean, when I look at the word 'hero' in the dictionary, it's Ed," Lucia said.

The hero also was reunited with the man he rescued.

"I shook his hand and he said thank you to me," Edward Cyr said. "I just didn't have the words, no words. I'm going to get emotional now."

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