CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Porch pirates strike, then come back for more

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Duane Keys and his family aren't shy when it comes to trying to catching thieves ripping them off.

"It's a pretty busy street, so, we kinda knew that there would be a lot of foot traffic," said Keyes. "That's why we have the video camera system just to kinda keep an eye on things when we're not home."

And so far, even with the clear video, none of the thieves have been arrested.

"There's the doorbell one, I put up there camera, 24 hour video surveillance, I put it up there on the driveway, there's a camera on that flood light system too," Keyes said.

Now, the family is hoping the KY3 audience can recognize the thieves and tip-off police as to who's doing the stealing.

Most recently Duane caught this woman helping herself to something he never expected.

"99 cent citronella candles, she took two," said Keyes. "And yea, she came back later that night in the rain with a shopping cart to get the third one. Maybe she was shopping around the neighborhood."

While not the biggest thefts, Duane's been the victim of, he's now hoping these videos will lead to some real arrests... to end a real problem.