COMMUNITY TALKS: Safe and Sound Saturday

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Lots of people came out to the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds for Safe and Sound Saturday.

Kids, parents, and people of all ages came out to learn more about how they can help keep themselves and each other safe. People learned about protecting themselves from things like scammers, severe weather, physical attack, fire, and much more!

We caught up with a few first-timers as well as sisters who've come to the event for several years.

"I love all the community activity they have and how its helpingto teach the kids about everything they need to learn to keep their community and their selves safe," said Brittany Daci who brought her son to the fairgrounds on Saturday for both of their first times at the event.

"It's nice that there's people around here that want to teach you safety," said another Safe And Sound Saturday first-timer Chris McDowell. "The more people that learn to be safe, the safer that everybody's gonna be."

For sisters Elizabeth,12, Courtney, 10, and Kimberly, 8, they've made it to the event for the last several years, but were still very excited to check out all the demonstrations and activities. "It's cool that they can make if fun while learning," Elizabeth said. "You get to learn different things and its not that they're just boring learning," said Courtney.