Cabool company closes unexpectedly, 60 employees now jobless

CABOOL, Mo. -- Dozens of people are suddenly without a job Thursday evening in Cabool. A local company announcing Thursday that it's closing its doors after more than four decades in business.

For 42 years, folks at Woodpro Cabinetry have been making custom bathroom cabinetry for customers all across the nation. But Thursday, the company closed it's doors and now 60 people are left without a job.

"My heart goes out to everybody. We'll get through it, you know. It's just sad," Former employee Becky Shelley told KY3.

Becky Shelley and 59 of her co-workers woke up Thursday and came to work at Woodpro Cabinetry, just like any other day.

"I walked in and did my usual, started my schedules, you know just rushing around to get everything done that needed to be done for the day," Shelley said.

The owner walked in and wasn't his cheerful self in conversation with Shelley.

He said he had an announcement to make and it wasn't going to be good.

"I kind of knew. I just had that gut feeling. I even said to a couple of people on the way up there, we're going to lose our jobs," Shelley explained.

Employees joined management in the break room to get the unexpected news.

"We waited for everybody to get into the break room and Leroy came in with his head down, heartbroken as you could tell, and said there's no easy way to say it except 42 years, they've done all they can do and Woodpro's doors would be closing effective today. He said that we would be paid for 40 hours," Shelley added.

Shelley says some folks cried but everyone was silent.

A definitive answer for the closing wasn't given according to employees but financial woes over the years had trimmed the workforce from a high of over 100 employees to only 60 at the time of closing.

"I think there's been times over the years that we've thought that maybe it might but Leroy always pulled another rabbit out of his hat and went on and we got to smile and get another paycheck," Shelley exclaimed.

Shelley says the owners and management hugged employees before folks left.

She says Woodpro was always family.

"They definitely cared about their people and I know this was not an easy decision," Shelley said.

Woodpro's President, Jordan Gettys, is encouraging area businesses to hire the former workers, saying they are talented and hard working people.

Employees will be paid for this week.

The final paychecks will come out on Wednesday.

The Missouri Workforce Development is finding ways to help everyone who is affected.

There will be a meeting Friday at 10 am to discuss the transition for the employees.