Camden County Clerk candidate does not plan to challenge results after name misspelled on ballot

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- Despite an unexpected 40% voter turnout rate in Camden County for the primary election on Tuesday, the county didn't run out of any ballots for this year's election.

However, they did have an issue on the ballot, after the name of a County Clerk candidate was misspelled.

"We checked, just out of curiosity to see '12, '14, and '16, and they averaged about 32-35%," said Camden County Clerk Rowland Todd.

So what brought out so many for this year's primary?

"I think we had a few contested races that brought them out, and the Prop A brought them out, too," Todd added.

Contested races like the Republican Presiding Commissioner Race between incumbent Greg Hasty and challenger James Rericha, and County Clerk Rowland Todd's own race between him and Ernie Calvert.

But, if you voted Republican in Camden County, Ernie's first name was published as "Ernest."

Todd says only one person caught it, while voting in the Montreal area of the county.

"Unfortunately there, we didn't know nothing [sic]. It never got caught. It never did. Just a clerical error. It was just a - and of course his signs had Ernie on it," Todd said.

Todd handily won the primary over Calvert - getting 66% of the vote.

But, he has reached out to the Secretary of State's office to find out what to do.

They told him the election had to continue, it had to be certified, and then Calvert would have to reach out to the Secretary of State's office to file a complaint.

"He has five days," Todd said. "So, Wednesday at noon, or Wednesday sometime would be his fifth day. What he would have to do is petition the court, and then a judge would have to decide."

So, could a potential special election be in the works for the Camden County Clerk seat?

Calvert says no.

"I think it was an honest mistake on their part, and I don't believe it cost any amount of votes to turn the election. So, we'll just move forward and run in four years," Calvert said.