Camdenton Police cracking down on drivers in school zones

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- The posted speed limit on Business Highway 5 from the Camdenton square past Camdenton Middle and Dogwood Elementary Schools is 30 miles per hour. But, the police who direct traffic here say drivers are coming into this area way too fast.

"The lady that does our crosswalk duty noticed that vehicles were going a little bit too fast to be able to safely stop at the crosswalk, and we had some passing on the right violations," said Laura Wright, Camdenton Police Chief.

That's why the Camdenton Police Department is increasing their presence at school crossing areas.

"When we identify that there is a safety concern, we like to get the word out to our community to try to correct it before there's a problem," Wright added.

While out on patrol with Sergeant Richard Sansom, a car failed to yeild at the crossing.

"I observed a vehicle that failed to yeild for a northbound vehicle. I pulled her over and ended up just issuing a warning," Sansom said.

Chief Laura Wright says the purpose of this isn't to write a ticket.

"We were hoping that motorists would slow down and take caution when approaching the crosswalk," Wright said. "Some have, we have noticed that the speed has slowed down some, but we have issued some tickets."

So besides speeding, what else are officers watching for while at the school crossing?

"Inattention, distracted driving is always a big issue. We'll watch for aggressive driving, we get a couple aggressive driving complaints throughout the year," Sansom said. "Also, following too close is a big causation of traffic crashes."