Car thefts and break-ins on the rise across the Ozarks

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Car thefts and break ins are an ongoing problem everyday in Springfield, and across the Ozarks.

"Car break-ins are an issue in Springfield and many places around," said State Farm Insurance Agent Dan Waisner.

That problem can be seen on social media, with posts about car thefts and car break-ins being shared and retweeted across the internet.

Waisner says vehicle thefts and break-ins can lead to several insurance claims, so it's important to know what covers what exactly.

"Your personal property coverage will cover your purse, or any valuables you may have in your vehicle, but your auto insurance policy does not cover personal property," explained Waisner.

Meaning your stolen personal belongings would be filed with your homeowner or renters insurance.

You can do a few things to help minimize the chance of you having to file those claims. Home security expert and general manager of Alert 360 recommends investing in home security.

"Your alarm system on the inside of your house, and then you have surveillance which is on the outside of your house," explained Farris.

He says home security can also protect your car, using motion sensor lights and strategically placed cameras.

"The system is going to call the police but it's not going to give the police a description," explained Farris. "So, surveillance is that second part to your alarm system that will really kind of give them a description of the person that broke in."

While most footage tends to be clear and easy to identify. It's still a good idea to put all visible items away, and out of sight.